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Maurice Crafts, Jack McGinn and Doug Gordon of Coosemans Boston
nies have ensured our customers always get all of the freshest products they may need,” he says.
Multiplying regulations and requirements involving food safety also present challenges, especially for an aging facility, yet Boston merchants invest signi cantly to stay on top of requirements. “Coosemans Boston takes food safety very seriously,” says Crafts. “Our traceability and the way we sell by lot are advantages.”
J. Cerasulo has completed certi cations through Primus GFS. “Especially supermar- kets such as Stop & Shop and other larger distributors require this,” says DeAngelo.
Boston Tomato is GAP certi ed. “ at is very important these days for our customers,” says Rovere. “We are also certi ed organic.”
Travers Fruit has invested in a new software system that enables the company to track all of its produce. “Our shippers continue to have all GAP- and USDA-in- spection certi cates, among other certi ca- tions,” says Travers.
Companies report more frequent and
Burke reports Garden Fresh is catering to a lot of special requests in foodservice. “Buyers are looking for things they can’t get somewhere else,” he says. “Di erent cuts, special pack sizes.  at helps the restaurant have greater consistency with their product. It’s better for a machine to cut than a person for a variety of reasons.”
And foodservice labor isn’t the only labor issue a ecting produce.  e biggest challenge the last few years has been  nding warehouse labor and truck drivers, reports Piazza. “In the current economy, anyone who really wants a job has one,” he says. “We’ve been fortunate enough to retain labor and we’ve been able
to cultivate second- and third-generation employees here.”
Transportation is a huge challenge for the industry concurs Sharrino. “Lack of drivers is a signi cant issue,” he says. “ e Wall Street Journal reported this country is short about 100,000 truck drivers. Increasing regulations make it even more di cult and add to delay of shipments. We have to think a little more ahead now.”
Travers reports any company who relies on the trucking industry has been a ected by the fairly recent Department Of Transportation regulation updates. “However, our close rela- tionships with shippers and logistic compa-

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