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easiest use of produce tends to work the best for consumption.”
Redner’s runs ads on colored peppers at least twice per month, according to Cotê. “We are really successful when advertising colors,” he says. “Even after the ads are over and the product goes to full retail, customers are still buying them. Promotion really helps move colored peppers.”
Coordination with suppliers to take advantage of solid supply or seasonality is also important. “We like to o er promotions
during periods of strong production and around events that are a good  t for certain peppers,” says Bailey of Bailey Farms.
 ough pricing is very personal to each store, marketers recommend implementing strategies easy for shoppers. “Pricing strate- gies vary, but anytime you o er pricing per each or in multiples, you make it easier for consumers to understand the unit price, as opposed to promoting peppers by the pound,” says Ciruli.
Another favorable strategy recommended
peppers. “Convenience and snacking options are growing,” he says.
Snacking options present ample retail opportunity to increase sales. “ e mini pepper is a retail-ready product, and the strongest value on this product has been the snacking option,” says Batiz.
Cox reports K-VA-T strongly recom- mends promoting and merchandising mini peppers as a snack option to build sales. “Consumers see mini peppers as a snacking item, much like a mini peeled carrot,” he says. “Mini peppers work great in a vegetable tray, for example.”
Bagged mini sweets have been a hit for Redner’s from the start, according to Cotê. “We run ads on them once a month to promote them with great success,” he says. “We can see our customer base grabbing them throughout the month. It’s a good middle-of-the-road pepper for anything, but especially snacking.”
Retailers who plan pepper promotions and focus on ads will increase sales. Redner’s Cotê reports signi cant and lingering sales success with pepper ads. “Advertising helps every- thing,” he says. “At Redner’s, we frequently put peppers on ad.  ere is no better way to sell than to put it in the paper and online in our electronic advertising. We see a big lift in sales when peppers are on ad.”
Anytime a product is demonstrated or promoted, sales will go up, concurs SunFed’s Kreidler Austin. “Advertise on the front page with a great price or a new recipe,” she says. “Or, just do a super-simple demonstration, such as colored peppers cut into strips and used in place of chips for dips. We  nd the

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