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by Coppola is to lock in quarterly or monthly pricing. “Optimally, you want to adjust with trending market conditions and pricing,” he says. “Try to lock in a healthy amount, and for the rest, play with market conditions.”
Stores can capitalize on cooking and snacking trends to keep pepper excitement and sales going all year. Coppola advises syncing promotions with current trends. “If consumers are continually educated on the
bene ts of eating fruits/vegetables, and if the trend for healthier lifestyles continues, then vitamin-rich foods such as peppers sell them- selves,” he says. “Demos and recipes don’t hurt either.”
To further capitalize on trends, Divine Flavor has partnered with international culi- nary magazine Honest Cooking and bloggers and in uencers from their network. “We asked them to create their own recipes and variations on recipes in their own way,” says Batiz. “Retailers have access to this informa-
tion and can recreate the recipes in-store for their customers. We also suggest setting up a ‘snacking section’ in produce and o ering a live demo to encourage consumers to both taste and buy the peppers.”
Signage is another e ective tool stores can use to draw attention and educate customers. “With consistent messaging via signage, regular promotions, and every day placement on the shelf, we anticipate more consumers will incorporate mini sweet peppers into their weekly shopping lists and learn to love their versatility and health bene ts,” says Bailey.
J&J promotes the “local” aspect of its Florida peppers. “Consumers are very informed about where their produce is coming from,” says Gamiotea. “For us, high- lighting the region our pepper comes from is important to our customers, as well as their shoppers. We suggest underlining that the pepper comes from a nearby area, which assures the consumer the pepper is fresh and didn’t require a long travel time.”
In the end, it really comes down to educating customers on the versatility of peppers, according to Batiz. “Stores can promote healthy snacks for back to school. Football game day can mean substituting peppers for potato skins. In the dead of winter, the message could be about getting enough vitamin C alongside maximum  avor. Peppers are a big hit with barbecuing season. Stir-fry is a good idea, but we also recom- mend recipes such as bruschetta, in addition to couscous.” pb

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