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“Guacamole is the No. 1 usage occasion during the Big Game time period.  is is the time of year when avocado consumption peaks in the U.S., and consumers are preparing and bringing dishes with guacamole to the parties and events.”
— Maggie Bezart Hall, Avocados from Mexico
that key promotions for Super Bowl include refrigerated salad dressings and dips, which are important traditional elements to snacks and meals.
“Strategic promotions will incorporate game-day solutions, for example: cross-pro- moting chicken wings with carrots, celery and blue cheese or ranch dressing; cross-pro- moting pizza with bagged salad and ranch dressing, which can be used as a dip for the pizza or a dressing for the salad.”
And, of course, no Super Bowl party is complete without guacamole and chips.
Maggie Bezart Hall, vice president for trade and promotions for Avocados from Mexico, says guacamole is popular for foot- ball games all season long, but sales skyrocket before Super Bowl Sunday.
“Guacamole is the No. 1 usage occasion during the Big Game time period,” says Bezart Hall. “ is is the time of year when avocado consumption peaks in the U.S., and consumers are preparing and bringing dishes with guacamole to the parties and events.”
She says retailers can maximize sales with eye-catching displays in the produce department, and Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso, o er one-stop, party-spread solutions as part of their “Guac Nation” campaign.
“We feature all of the ingredients shop- pers need to make game-changing guaca- mole, including recipes that inspire sports fans to create exciting new  avor plays of their own,” says Bezart Hall.
She also suggests pairing avocados with tomatoes, onions, peppers, nuts, dried cran- berries and fresh pico de gallo.
“Other complementary items to feature in produce, as well as center-aisle promo- tion items with avocados include beer, wine, tortilla chips, fresh tortillas, cups, plates, coolers and festive decorations,” she says. “Retailers can go the extra mile by adding secondary displays throughout the depart- ment, center aisle and near the check-out stands to develop easy stoppable solutions for consumers.”
Litehouse o ers a Guacamole Herb Blend that uses freeze-dried herbs and dried spices for a quick guacamole that can be made with ease. “It is sold in the produce department, right next to other key guacamole ingredi- ents, including avocados and limes,” says Balfanz.
Amber Dutra, director of public relations for Natural Grocers, a 147-store chain in 19 states that is based in Lakewood, CO, says the company plans its Big Game promotions for the Saturday before the Super Bowl, because that’s when shoppers buy food for their parties.
“We are hosting a ‘Sample Saturday’ in the produce departments at all Natural Grocers stores, where customers can taste our delicious, 100-percent organic produce,” she says.
Some of the company’s other promotions coincide with the Super Bowl, including tast- ings for the launch of its Natural Grocers Brand Products. Natural Grocers also cele- brates Resolution Reset Day, which is designed to remind people of their New Year’s vow to eat healthier, on Jan. 18.  at promo- tion gives members a $5 coupon o  a purchase of $53 or more that can be used until Feb. 2.
“Our customers love to try our products during our sampling events and when they are able to try a product they wouldn’t normally purchase, it often leads to a sale,” says Dutra. “In 2018, the day before the Super Bowl was a high-tra c volume day.”
Balfanz says Super Bowl is a great oppor- tunity for the produce department.
“Year after year, we score a touchdown with our Super Bowl promotion,” she says. “During the promotion, participating retailers typically see a 40-percent increase in sales.”
She recommends scheduling foot- ball-themed promotions two to three weeks leading up to Super Bowl weekend, and that includes the weekend itself.
“ is year, we’re kicking o  the ‘Big Game Big Flavor’ promotion on Jan. 20, to support retailers and highlight our 13-ounce dress- ings,” says Balfanz. “ e promotion will be supported by online and o ine initiatives,
including a consumer sweepstakes for a chance to win a 65-inch  at screen television.”
One favorite promotional strategy at Super Bowl time is marketing healthy versions of classic football foods.
Balfanz notes that Super Bowl parties bring families and friends together for food and drink, and that the home party trend — “homegating” — is focused on meals and snacks for everyone in the family. But retailers shouldn’t forget there are better- for-you options to o er consumers.
“Some trending alternatives include roasted cauli ower Bu alo wings — a veggie-friendly substitute for chicken wings; protein packed meatballs, perfect in a bowl or on a sandwich; or broccoli slaw mixes that can be paired with burgers, used as a salad base or enjoyed as a side,” she says.
Shafer says the growing health trend is making headway into the world of sports fans.
“We’ve seen that consumers are looking for interesting alternatives for snacking that are healthier than what is traditionally used in tailgating or watching sports at home, and sugar snap peas  t right into this strong trend,” he says. “We o er them in an assort- ment of sizes to  t consumer usage.”  ose include an organic 6-ounce package, along with 8-, 15-, 24-, and 32-ounce bags.
One healthy part of Super Bowl spreads for decades is the veggie platter, and there are lots of options in that space.
“Snacking trays always show strong sales

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