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during the Bowl season and through the Big Game,” says Shafer, whose company’s line includes Veggie Ranch, Fiesta, Veggie Hummus, Organic Veggies, Cheddar Pretzel, and Veggie Deli.
Watermelon is a classic fruit for backyard barbecues, but it also can be part of your football party, according to Juliemar Rosado, director of retail operations and international marketing for the National Watermelon Promotion Board, headquartered in Winter Springs, FL.
She says the board o ers lots of tips and advice on how to showcase watermelons as a way to freshen up a tailgate or “homegate” party throughout football season.
“For example, you can serve a water- melon crunch salsa for your next big game night,” she says. “Or make a meal out of it — layer it onto a grilled cheese sandwich, mix with quinoa or add a twist to a traditional gazpacho.”
Watermelon also o ers itself up to fun promotional displays.
“If you’re feeling creative, you can make a watermelon football or helmet carving as you sample fall recipes in your store,” she says. “Watermelons lend themselves to many  avors, cuisines and meal types.  ere are many recipes available that incorporate watermelon. Sampling a recipe and having the items used together and available for purchase in close proximity would give a customer the opportunity to taste some-
thing and, if they liked it, the convenience of having the items at their  ngertips to buy.”
Although nutrition and counting calories aren’t a big part of Super Bowl Sunday, part of your promotions should focus on fruits and veggies as healthy alternatives to the usual football fare.
Even snacks are making their way into the produce section. World Peas’ Peatos snacks promise junk-food taste with plant-based nutrition. With a name that plays on Cheetos and a tiger logo, Peatos is the brainchild of Nick Desai, chairman and chief executive of Los Angeles-based World Peas.
Desai grew up in America and often visited family in India. In the states, he’d

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