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At the Colorado Potato Administration, the newest ad campaign, Power Perfor- mance, is sending the message that potatoes are healthy and a good carb in your diet.
Jim Ehrlick, the Adminstration’s president, says the new Power Perfor- mance program is making inroads with consumers. “Our marketing efforts are focusing around this critical message, with TV commercials in the Denver market, and using all social media plat- forms.”
Supporting and building on the message, Potatoes USA works with leaders in the nutrition industry to develop recipes, nutritional information and additional information for nutrition professionals in school foodservice, retail, and prepared foods manufacturers.
Idaho Potato Lover’s Month, the annual celebration of the beloved Idaho potato, is the entire month of February. With a whopping 5,266 entries last year,
the display contest from the Idaho Potato Commission, which runs from mid-Jan- uary to mid-March, is the largest produce display contest in the U.S.
Seth Pemsler, vice president-re- tail/internation for the IPC, says of the promotion, “it is a great way to get both produce departments and consumers excited about potatoes.”
PEI Potatoes, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is a grower-based orga-
nization, and the marketing arm for PEI potatoes. As the largest potato producing province in Canada, PEI runs research and extension, and has a seed farm that produces disease free seed. To assist their retail partners, PEI Potatoes has a Brand Barn on its website, where retailers can access the promotional and branded materials necessary for launching a successful ad campaign with PEI potatoes. pb

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