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THIS MONTH’S WINNER LINDA GIOVANNOZZI Director of Business Development
B-Fresh Floral Carpinteria, CA
Linda Giovannozzi has seen some amazing things during her career in  oral. One of her more ‘memorable’ experiences was working in Holland and getting an up-close look at its spectacular tulip and  ower  elds. She also has been a regular volunteer and ambassador at The Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA.
Giovannozzi grew up in Hockessin, DE, and studied plant science and landscape architecture at the University of Delaware. She got her start in  oral in 1975, working for a local  ower shop in The First State, saying, “I knew right away I loved being around  owers and plants.”
From there, her working life blossomed. After her stint in Holland, she worked for Sunpetals, one of the  rst supermarket  oral distributors in Miami. She then landed at Ocean View Flowers in Santa Barbara, CA, and helped to launch their supermarket bouquet program. She parlayed that into a
sales management job for the supermarket  oral division of Dole Company.
“I have been quite fortunate to have trav- eled all over the world and have learned about several thousands of species and varieties of  owers and plants,” she says. “Even though I have been in the  oral industry all of my life, I still am in awe of the beauty and complexity of  owers.”
For the past  ve years, she has been working with supermarket retailers while at B-Fresh Floral, a family-owned company that prides itself on handpicking California-grown  owers and putting together the perfect bouquets and arrangements.
“Creating and selling  owers brings a lot of joy to others, and that is very satisfying,” says Giovannozzi. “The most rewarding part is the creative side of taking a beautiful product and creating a  nished bouquet or gift that I can see out in grocery stores.”
Giovannozzi has been an avid reader of Produce Business for more than eight years ... and not just for the  oral articles. “It helps keep me abreast of the current trends in produce that indirectly in uence  oral trends. Believe it or not, I have sold thousands of fruit- themed bouquets over the years!”
How To Win! To win the Produce Business Quiz, the  rst thing you must do is enter. The rules are simple: Read through the articles and advertisements in this issue to  nd the answers. Fill in the blanks corresponding to the questions below, and either cut along the dotted line or photocopy the page, and send your answers along with a business card or company letterhead to the address listed on the coupon. The winner will be chosen by drawing from the responses received before the publication of our February 2019 issue of Produce Business. The winner must agree to submit a color photo to be published in that issue.
DECEMBER 2018 • VOL. 34 • NO. 12 • $9.90
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With the holiday season upon us, what could be better than having a little extra cash to spend at one of the world’s largest online stores on food products, gifts for others or yourself?
1) Which state’s produce “wears many hats, from global hub to farm stand?” ________________ 2) What N.Y. company has been delivering farm fresh produce since 1924? ________________ 3) What state’s strawberries comes to life in the winter? _______________________________ 4) What Boston company has been offering a full line of nuts and dried fruit since 1880?______________________________________________________________________ 5) Which nuts are sure to spread joy over supermarket sales this holiday season?____________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 6) What company has a line of Safe-T-Fresh SnackWare? _____________________________
This issue was: o Personally addressed to me o Addressed to someone else Name__________________________________Position_______________________________ Company_____________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________ City_____________________________State_______________ ZIP______________________ Phone_____________________Email_____________________________________________
Photocopies of this form are acceptable.
Please send answers to: [email protected]
or send via mail to: DECEMBER QUIZ PRODUCE BUSINESS • P.O. Box 810425 • Boca Raton, FL 33481-0425

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