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Kenney Cuisine. “That is, source the best plant-based ingredients from the most responsible suppliers and create some- thing that people really enjoy and feel good about eating.”
Winegard nostalgically recalls spending summers on Long Island, where he gravi- tated to his grandfather’s garden. The fact that he didn’t grow up to be a farmer, after experiencing the joy of cultivating and consuming freshly picked tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and watermelon,
to name a few, amazes him to this day. Instead, he took his love of fresh fruits and vegetables into the kitchen. It proved a no-brainer for Winegard to work for Kenney, who has pioneered and popu-
larized upscale plant-based cuisine. In fact, the Matthew Kenney Cuisine group, of which Winegard helps to helm, now spans 15 vegan restaurants, including Double Zero, which since its New York opening in 2016 has expanded to pizze- rias in Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.
“The most popular pizza is the Farro- Fennel Sausage,” explains Winegard. “It’s not mock meat. Instead, we season the farro with the same seasonings as used in sausage such as sage, marjoram and paprika. It’s topped with tomato, a cashew-milk mozzarella and shaved fennel bulb,”
Other best-sellers are the Spicy Mari- nara Arrabbiata, made with shiitake bacon, cauli ower, macadamia ricotta and basil, and the Eggplant Bacon, which has tomato, garlic mozzarella, olives, oregano and arugula. Inventive creations include the Truf e Cashew Cream, topped with wild mushrooms, baby kale and a lemon vinaigrette; a White Pizza, layered with roasted corn, garlic macadamia ricotta, maitake mushroom and baby kale; and a Basil Sun ower Pesto, with slow-cooked onion, tomato con t, herb macadamia ricotta and crunchy sun ower seeds.
The weekend Brunch menu includes a Breakfast Pizza, which features a polenta scramble with onions, jalapeno, toma- toes, kale, cilantro, shiitake bacon and cashew cheese. Non-pizza selections on Double Zero’s menus include a Winter Lettuces salad tossed with fennel, blood oranges, brazil nuts and a charred onion vinaigrette. For dessert, it features a Meyer Lemon Boudino or custard with acai and candied cashews.
“We have a great company that delivers daily, and we buy from the local markets,” says Winegard. “Farm One and Baldor are other suppliers. I grew up here, so I’ve built up a network of purveyors over the years. That’s the great thing about New York. You can  nd everything you need, and especially when it comes to pizza, New York and pizza go hand in hand.” pb
‘That’s the great thing about New York. You can  nd everything you need, and especially when it comes to pizza, New York and pizza go hand in hand. - Scott Winegard, Double Zero
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