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regional farms, and Riviera Produce Corp., in Englewood, NJ.
“If we can get great product, that’s half the battle,” says Telepan. “It makes the seafood much better. Diners want to know you’re sourcing well and sourcing thoroughly. Local enables you to buy unique things all the time or not readily available in the Northeast, which is a great growing area. There’s a lot of great product out there. If it shows on the menu, and you work hard for it, the people generally recognize and appreciate it. They want to know you’re doing all that work.”
Oceana is the principal restaurant owned by the Livanos Restaurant Group. The third-generation family involvement began in 1957, when John Livanos immi- grated to the U.S. from Greece. He began his career in Manhattan as a dishwasher and bought his  rst restaurant in 1960. The organization operates  ve other restau- rants in the metropolitan New York area.
Telepan was owner and chef of the critically acclaimed Telepan Restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and was also at Le Cirque, Judson Grill and Le Bernardin in Ansonia, CT. He also worked under the legendary Chef Alain Chapel in France after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America.
“New York is special and a great place for eating,” he says. “There are so many good restaurants and so many diverse types of cuisines, which is what makes it a special city. As a chef, that puts a lot of pressure on you to create your own style.” pb

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