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almond curds; as well as a  ve-course tasting menu. At the bar, Beedle serves up vegan cocktails, like My Usual, a complex shandy made with an amaro blend, mole bitters and Flanders Red Ale; A Couple Moments, an herbaceous sour with Old Tom gin, muddled sugar snap peas, lemon and hyssop; and The Drink I Had Last Time, with tequila, gentian and celery shrub. Beedle’s concoctions often repur- pose kitchen scraps from Jones’ cutting
Seasonality is a key consideration for
Jones, who prides himself on procuring fresh produce from various purveyors throughout the city, as well as a weekly farmer’s market conveniently located across the street from the restaurant. Initially announced as a “one year experi- ment” in September 2018, Jones considers it too soon to make any long-term projec- tions on Sans’ long-term future. Right
now, he is focused on ful lling his goal of exposing a broader audience to plant- based food. He hopes those who come out to see what Sans has to offer will  nd themselves pleasantly surprised by the satisfying nature of his creations and subsequently will come to view vegan cuisine in a whole new light.
“If we’re doing our job right, you shouldn’t leave feeling like you missed out on something,” he says. pb

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