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Merchandising Matters More In 2019
 oral business
A new year provides opportu- nities, and this year is ripe for a fresh  ower and plant revolution.
Is there time to look around and ask, what’s happening in this world? Along with the frenzied daily pace, mysterious political climate and companies adding cannabis to prac-
tically everything, robots are in U.S. green- houses — but not yet making bouquets. Produce- lled salads are trending as break- fast dishes, and desserts featuring sweetened vegetables are gaining popularity nearly at warp speed.  e plant boom and interest in houseplants as pets continues while throngs of consumers fervently post their favorite plant photos online. A new year means new opportunities, and 2019 is ripe for a fresh  ower and plant revolution.
As  oral retailers battle encroaching competition, merchandising will matter more. Retailers, this is the year to go all out and focus on making the in-store experi- ence convenient, pleasurable and custom- er-minded. Looking at immediate oppor- tunities, here are a few ideas retailers are implementing and considering in the quest to engage, educate, entertain and maintain  oral customers in the store.
Second only to  anksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is reported as the largest day of food consumption in the United States. Along with WeatherTech, TurboTax and other advertisers, Avocados from Mexico is sched- uled to again gain grand consumer exposure during the February 3 Super Bowl in Atlanta. Savvy  oral retailers will boldly merchandise for the big game weekend and capture those produce consumers shopping for chips and salsa to go with their guacamole.
Flowers might not be on the football weekend shopping list so boost the grab-
and-go  oral selection and capture custom- ers’ attention with easy-to-purchase balloons – helium and air- lled. Anagram Interna- tional, Eden Prairie, MN, o ers a line of air- lled Team Spirit Sticks featuring NFL teams. Sort of the new version of those big foam  ngers seen in stadiums, the Spirit Sticks are ideal add-ons, great for kids and can easily upgrade a bouquet, a six-pack or a guacamole centerpiece.
February 5 is Chinese New Year and in-the-know retailers will be ready in Produce and Floral with bountiful o erings for people celebrating the two week event.  is is a renewal time where the focus is on family, friends, food and wishes for a new year  lled with prosperity. To engage in-store customers,  oral merchandisers will have fun with the Year of the Pig theme. For additional CNY social media exposure,  oral retailers can create a Gram-worthy Fortune display of  owers and plants featuring fortune cookie-style messages complete with lucky numbers.
Optimizing the in-store shopping experience with dazzling displays and celebratory balloon options takes on greater urgency as retailers compete for  oral rings.

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