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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, more retailers are opting to extend the  oral-centric event by merchandising for Galentine’s Day on the 13th. If Galentine’s Day is unfamiliar to you, it’s the uno cial/ ctionalized holiday mentioned in 2010 on the popular televi- sion satire sitcom Parks and Recreation. Ever since, the gals celebrating gals occasion has been gaining strength. By Googling and searching on Pinterest, consumers  nd plenty of brunch recipes and party decorating ideas featuring  owers and plants.
Supermarkets can go for a full store promotion by cross merchandising  oral items for Gal Day in produce, bakery and deli. Scott Hill, vice president of sales and marketing,  e USA Bouquet Company, Miami, views selling bouquets featuring  ower colors not typically used during Valentine’s Day as a pro table opportunity for retailers reaching a customer base not exclusively purchasing  owers for romantic relationships.
Sticking with the food and  oral align- ment, Mardi Gras celebrations starting March 5 are perfect for merchandising  oral gifts  aunting the festive New Orleans style and Mardi Gras colors – purple, green and gold. Encourage pre-ordering by featuring an advance display of over-the-top  oral arrangements designed for Carnival celebra- tions.  is indulgence and celebratory period before the fasting season of Lent begins makes it ideal timing for a parade-themed  oral display adorned with beads, doubloons and other parade toys. Plush has its place since party hosts also decorate with small stu ed animals which become party favors. It’s not all about King Cakes, Jambalaya and craw sh boils – promote  oral as a must for all Mardi Gras celebrations.
International Women’s Day is March 8, but  oral retailers can wisely promote the celebration the entire month – through and beyond St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. If an o cial tie-in is needed, retailers can connect the holiday with Women’s History Month observed throughout March in the United States. Retailers, keeping in mind the store’s philosophy, encourage  oral teams to cele- brate women and promote the  oral depart- ment as the story place for posting photos of women with  owers and plants.  e customer base is broad so create gift displays featuring scented candles, spa products, potted orchids,
gardening items and foliage plants. International Women’s Day is an o cial holiday observed on March 8 by the United Nations since 1975. Depending on the source, documentation shows the holiday was started in the United States in 1909. Many bouquet companies and other foliage vendors provide colorful graphics that inform shoppers and inspire them to celebrate women. Post online promotions and remind shoppers that  owers and plants provide feelings of peace, beauty and
Looking for another merchandising idea in March to engage customers and involve additional departments in the store?  ink French and celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Ei el Tower. Predictions indicate the iconic tower will be grandly celebrated for
the March 31st anni- versary, which was originally constructed for the entrance of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.
 e  oral depart- ment can be trans- formed into a Pari- sian paradise with all things Ei el by o ering bouquets with Champagne picks and Paris-related hand towels, candles and lavender sachets.
Signage containing Ei el Tower trivia ques- tions can engage customers while an Ei el Tower backdrop will enable sel es for social media fans. Coloring contests for kids can be promoted online along with educational facts about the Ei el Tower history.
Host a store-wide Favorite French Food contest where the winning participants will be rewarded with custom bouquets. For full  avor and authentic fragrances, hire a crepe maker to enhance the event with samples of irresistible crepes featuring fresh berries from Produce. Bakery, Seafood and Spirits will also want to step in on this architectural celebration since March 31 is on a Sunday – perfect for those delicious French-inspired brunches. A toast with a Bellini featuring peach puree, honoring Gustave Ei el, the engineer, would be apropos for this ooh la la event.  is in-store commemoration could be an impressive e ort to increase  oral sales and show customers how to have fun with  owers on nontraditional occasions. pb

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